Academic Extension

Maths teacher

Does your child:

  • learn rapidly and grasp new concepts quickly?
  • demonstrate a creative and imaginative mind?
  • have unusual or advanced interests?
  • frequently ask in-depth probing questions or constantly wonder why?
  • demonstrate a high degree of social responsibility and/or moral reasoning?
  • love to engage in informed debates?
  • accept challenges in order to excel?

 If so, your child should consider expressing an interest to join our Academic Extension Program. In Years 8-10, students may be enrolled in one or all Academic Extension courses for the following Learning Areas (this will depend upon your child’s academic success in these areas):

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Science
  • Humanities and Social Sciences

 In Year 7, students applying for Academic Extension (and who gain acceptance) will be placed into all four of the above Learning Areas.

Once an Academic-Extension-Application-Form has been received, a selection process will be conducted through analysis of your child’s Academic Extension Application form and accompanying essential documentation.

In Year 6, for Year 7 intake, students will be required to attend a selection process at Halls Head College.

This process will involve both individual and group/team building tasks. More information regarding our selection process will be made available to our EOI Applicants during Semester Two.

Parents/guardians will be informed of the final outcome at the completion of the selection process.

Acceptance into the Year 7 Academic Extension Program will be sent via a letter which outlines the standards and expectations for all Academic Extension Students to follow. The letter also details how student progress will be reviewed each Term and what may occur if students are not attaining the required standards and/or expectations. Parents/Guardians will be kept regularly informed as to their child’s progress.

There are no additional fees for this program, however additional costs may be incurred for competition participation incursions and excursions.

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