Visual Art Academy

Visual Art Academy is a Visual Arts and academic program for aspiring artists. The program focuses on increasing student engagement and creative arts skills, building resilience, creativity and problem-solving skills for future industries where creativity and critical thinking are highly valued.

Cultural engagement opportunities, such as working with local Indigenous artists and considering one’s identity in a rapidly changing world will be facilitated. In addition, values of sustainability and environmental awareness will be promoted and explored through the creation of artworks using a range of mediums.

The program is designed to be year long and branch across years 7-10, allowing students to engage in an in-depth exploration of a range of studio areas, including drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, sculpture, photography and graphic design in a supportive environment supported by subject specialists and rigorous artist in residence program.


In addition, students will learn to develop their visual language to respond to, and improve their own artworks, giving them critical vocabulary that improves their literacy and numeracy outcomes.

Students who enrol in Visual Art Academy at Halls Head College will have opportunity to gain creative industry knowledge through artists incursions, visiting exhibitions, and preparing work for presentation.



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