Big Picture

Halls Head College’s Big Picture Academy comprises of multiple advisories ranging from Year 8 through to Year 12. The Big Picture Education design is a highly personalised approach to learning that has been positively changing the lives of students, educators and communities in Australia over the past decade and at Halls Head College since 2012.

Students and families apply to be a part of the Big Picture Academy and the selection process happens in term four of each school year. Our advisories comprise of a variety of students all of whom are searching for something more from their educational journey. Our inaugural group of Big Picture Students completed their schooling as year 12 students in 2015. The Big Picture Academy has provided them with carefully considered, personalised pathways that have culminated in positive outcomes such as acceptance into the defence forces and the completion of Certificate courses ranging from Certificate II through to Certificate IV, hence placing our students well for future employment, TAFE and University entry.

The design principles underlying the activities of Big Picture Schools and Academies according to Big Picture Education Australia are:

  • Schools and classes are small by design with advisories comprising of one teacher and up to 17 students. This promotes secure, personalised learning environments in which students feel safe as members of a community of learners;

  • Interest-based learning through individualised learning plans and work portfolios, incorporating assessment through exhibition to an audience including teachers, peers and parents;

  • Authentic assessment that allows students to demonstrate what they have learned and is a rigorous evaluation of student learning and development;

  • Students pursue their passions through internships and meaningful project work in the community under the guidance and direction of a suitable mentor. Internships work to connect students to real world work and learning and are integrated into individual student learning goals;

  • Parental involvement is an integral part of the Big Picture design. Parents are required to contribute to the development of student learning plans each term and also participate in student exhibitions and learning plan meetings.

Should you be interested in further information about our Big Picture Academy, please contact the College.

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