Collection of Contributions & Charges

2023 Voluntary Approved Requests




For Years 7-10, charges for electives are required to be paid in full by the end of Term 1. High cost courses will incur a 50% deposit prior to the course commencement. For Years 11 and 12, all charges are compulsory. Charges will depend on the course chosen.  Some specific courses will incur higher costs dependent on factors such as  texts, subject specific resources, materials, excursions, certificates and work placements. Some high cost courses will incur a 50% deposit upon subject selection. We reserve the right to place students in lower cost options if charges are not paid.

Important Information

The College is only too aware that the payment of College contributions and charges can be a burden for some families.  Payment plans are available to support parents or carers experiencing difficulties.  Ignoring accounts and reminders is unhelpful to all parties.  The College is also keen to assist parents or carers in selecting options that they can afford.  To this end subject charges will always be provided to parents or carers prior to selection of subjects.

Collection of Contributions & Charges

The College will take a positive approach to collecting contributions from parents or carers of students. In particular, the College will highlight the benefits to students if all parents or carers meet their contributions. The College will actively seek full payment of charges.

In 2023 a statement will be posted during Term 1. In Term 2 the College will post a reminder notice to show any outstanding balances.

Compulsory charges unpaid as at the 1 July 2023 may be referred to a debt collection agency unless prior arrangements have been made.

Outstanding charges are rolled over to the student’s record in the following year where applicable.

Year 11 and 12 high cost subjects will be subject to a 50% confirmation charge during subject selection.

Where parents with outstanding compulsory charges have failed to arrange and commit to a payment plan, the student may be removed from their chosen elective courses and be placed in a lower cost option. In the case where the unpaid compulsory charges cover the cost of materials for the practical classes, the student may not be able to participate in the practical lessons and will have to complete theory work.

Excursion / Incursion Information

Halls Head College uses Consent 2 Go for our incursion and excursion planning. All information is stored in accordance with the Australian privacy requirements.

Parents and carers will receive an email invitation when your child is scheduled to attend excursions. Parents and carers are able to provide consent, make payment, amend contact details, and medical and allergy information through Consent 2 Go.

 Please contact the College on 9581 0600 if you require your username and password for Consent 2 Go resent to you.

Voluntary approved requests

Library ($15.00) is used by the College to purchase an expansive range of equipment, books and ebooks. Limited funds are provided for Library resources.

P&C Association ($20.00 per family) This contribution enables the P&C to purchase much needed equipment for students use. Expressions of interest are welcome, please contact Administration on 9581 0600.

Personal Items List (Booklist)

Recommended personal and stationery items are detailed on the relevant Personal Items List for each year group. Items may be purchased from Campion, or from a supplier of your choice. If you intend to purchase through Campion, please follow the instructions on the booklist.

SmartRider Identification Cards

SmartRider Identification cards are ordered for all new students on their first day and arrive by Week 4 of Term 1.  The cost of the initial card is $5.00.  All cards include a photo for identification purposes. Replacement cards can be issued at the cost of $5.00 per card.

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