Contribution & Charges

Halls Head College is dedicated to providing a quality education for your child and a pathway to a successful future.

The Government provides funding to cover the cost of staff, facility maintenance and basic resources with funding dependant on various factors such as student numbers, socioeconomic factors of the area and student characteristics. At Halls Head College we enrich the educational experience with funds collected through Voluntary Contributions and Charges.

Funds collected from College families are spent on a range of resources including more specialised equipment and resources aimed at providing educational experiences that prepare students for the world beyond school. We ask that you invest $235 per year ($6 a week) to enhance your child’s learning opportunities. When our school and community work together our young people are the ones who benefit.

What’s the difference between “Contributions” & “Charges”?

Voluntary Contributions are non-compulsory charges that the College can request from parents/carers. These contributions supplement the funding provided by the Government for delivering the core subjects of Maths, English, HASS and Science across Years 7 – 10; and Physical Education, The Arts and Technologies for Years 7 – 8. To enable the College to provide up to date resources and equipment across the core subjects, we encourage all parents/carers to pay the voluntary contribution for their student/s.

Charges are compulsory for all elective subjects. These elective subjects are offered by the College at its discretion and therefore are not covered by Government funding. All subject costs for Year 11 and 12 are compulsory charges, however Halls Head College’s Board has directed our efforts towards keeping costs as low and as equitable as possible. When choosing subjects for upper school during Year 10, the College will ask for a 50% deposit when upper school subjects are selected.

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