In our Performing Arts Dance Learning Area our students are provided with a state of the art facility and tutelage in dance which hones coordination, creative expression and personal and social capabilities. Performance opportunities are also offered for those who wish to further develop and display their individual talents to a wider audience.

In Year 7-8 our students participate in an exciting ten-week program. This includes whole class, partner and small group themed choreographic pieces in a fun environment, whilst beginning their investigation of the elements of dance. They are encouraged to perform, respond and reflect on their dance experience, hone their teamwork skills and engage in a range of dance creation activities.

In Year 9 our students can select a semester long course which incorporates all the elements of dance. Initially they learn a specialised, choreographed routine, focusing on the physical attributes and techniques of latest hip hop / funk moves seen in today’s pop culture. Students are then coached in establishing the skills necessary in working together to create their own unique routines to perform to the class audience. The Year 9 program also boasts a narrative based dance unit to enhance essential teamwork, co-operative and collaborative skills. In addition, a theoretic component supports students as they embark on their own unique dance journey.

In Year 10 students are exposed to excellent opportunities to have fun while exploring how dance is celebrated within an evolving world where art, creation and vision have captivated people for centuries. Students strengthen their techniques and broaden their talents, while establishing and experiencing how a supportive team grows together. They

Students will participate and become proficient in a range of contemporary, hip hop and jazz techniques. This will see them collaborate in working as a team with the Certificate II Creative Industries in Dance students in choreographing the YOH Festival piece. The aim in this course is for the Year 10 students to then continue their learning and become a part of the dance troupe in their Year 11 and 12 studies.

In Year 11-12 students have the opportunity to access a Cert II in Dance.  This runs if we have the numbers, but is a unique opportunity to further enhance choreographic and performance skills as students are trained by specialist teachers in a variety of dance genres including; Jazz, hip hop and funk dance. Students can then further explore the beauty and freedom of contemporary dance with a focus on our vision and expression of ourselves and the world around us. Particular focus is placed on small group choreography and performance skills.



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