In our Performing Arts Drama Learning Area our students are provided with multiple opportunities to work individually, in groups and to plan, practice and hone their performances. Wherever possible we develop authentic opportunities and audiences for performances. This may include whole college production; Youth on Health Festival or a showcase event. Students in Years 10-12 have the opportunity to attend a professional theatre performance. Drama builds confidence, public speaking capacity, personal and social capabilities and critical and creative thinking.

In Year 7-8 our students undertake a ten-week taster course that introduces the skills of voice, movement, non-verbal communication and character development through mime and improvisation. In Year 8 performances are developed through the study of Melodrama.

In Year 9 students undertake a semester-long elective course that develops vocal, movement and stage skills. Students then explore the history of theatre in both practical and theoretical contexts.

 In Year 10 the semester explores the role of the actor. Students further enhance vocal, movement and stage skills. They focus on scripted theatre by performing a script from a chosen text and then work through the play building process to develop an original drama production.

In Years 11 – 12 students have the option of General or ATAR Drama.  The course runs in accordance to sufficient numbers. ATAR Drama is designed for those students who want to sit for an ATAR ranking or are seeking a future in the industry. Students at this level will be undertaking an in-depth study in all aspects relating to performance. They will study from a set text list, complete a variety of performances, both scripted and devised, as well as performing both actor and non-actor roles. The students will work in groups and individually showing a developed range of skills relating to all aspects of theatre and performance.

The General Drama course allows students to explore both scripted and devised drama, as well as an in-depth look into character through the perspective of a variety of theatrical practitioners. Students at this level will also undertake both practical and theoretical design roles such as set design, costume and lighting.


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