In our Technologies Engineering Learning Area we have a dedicated mechatronics engineering room as well as all the facilities for mechanical engineering in the metal workshop. 3D Printers, Laser Cutters and Plasma cutters all are available including CAD and IT software to help hone our students’ capabilities in this area.

Students develop and refine their design, understanding of materials, programming and problem solving capabilities with an emphasis on creative and critical thinking, ICT capabilities and ethical understanding in this pathway.

In Years 7 & 8 students will be shown a brief insight into the engineering curriculum as part of their ten-week taster courses of metalwork and woodwork.

In Year 9 students get to choose junior engineering as an elective, if they wish, and spend a semester being introduced to engineering principles and practice.

In Year 10 the course is also a semester-long elective with students designing and building more complex projects and learning the associated theory.

In Year 11 and 12 we offer the General course in Engineering. These encompass many skills and attributes deemed to be necessary for young people to go on to future engineering or trades related studies. Additionally students can access a Certificate II in Engineering studies which can be built on via TAFE or assist in providing entry to the workforce.

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