Health and Physical Education

In our Health and Physical Education Learning Area we focus on developing and nurturing our students’ ability to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.  We hone their capacity to critically evaluate the opportunities and challenges associated with living in our modern society. Students are encouraged to take action to avoid or reduce threats to their health and wellbeing, such as the effects of drugs, poor mental health or inadequate nutrition. Our students participate in various physical activities and analyse the contribution that participation plays in healthy lifestyles.

The areas the students are assessed in the Health and Physical Education Learning Area are:

  •  Concepts for a Healthy Lifestyle
  •  Skills for Physical Activity
  •  Interpersonal Skills
  •  Self-Management Skills

Years 7-10 Students engage in Physical Education and Health Education. Our students have the opportunity to develop their skills in a variety of sporting and recreational activities. They develop physical skills, interpersonal skills and more positive attitudes towards physical activity. Participation in sport and recreational activities encourages teamwork, improves self-esteem, leadership skills and self-discipline. The health component ensures that students’ knowledge and understandings of current health issues, and therefore their abilities to make informed health decisions, are developed. In both Years 9 and 10 students have additional options available such as Outdoor Recreation where further scope is given to engage in a broader variety of recreational activities offsite.

Years 11-12 Our students are able to engage in Physical Education Studies (PES) and Health Studies. Additionally, a variety of Certificate II Courses in Sport and Recreation and Outdoor Recreation or Cert III in Fitness are available for students who have an aptitude or interest in further honing their skills and understandings in these areas.

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