Humanities and Social Sciences


In our Humanities and Social Sciences Learning Area we help students become critical thinkers by encouraging them to develop understanding through processes of social inquiry and philosophical analysis. Students develop an understanding of how individuals and groups live together and interact with their environment. Students develop a respect for cultural heritage and a commitment to social justice, the democratic process and ecological sustainability. Our Academic Extension Academy also ensures that our most able are suitably challenged to enable every student to achieve their personal best.

In Years 7 – 10 students do a range of courses that cover the contexts of Geography, Economics, History and Civics and Citizenship.  These increase in complexity and depth as students move closer to Senior School. Active problem solving, Critical and Creative thinking and Ethical and Intercultural understandings are explored and developed throughout. Our students are encouraged to constructively critique various perspectives from past and present contexts and how they shape our decisions in the future. They will build their skills in investigation, communicating and participating. They will be further exposed to those valuable lessons that you impart to them at home, that is, their culture, values and citizenship responsibilities, reinforced by formal learning of how these values operate in our society.

In Years 11 and 12 Our students have the choice of an ATAR pathway in Economics, Modern History, Philosophy and Ethics and Politics and Law. In the General pathway choices extend from Geography, Career and Enterprise, Ancient or Modern History, and Accounting and Finance.  Students can also select a Certificate II in Business or a Cert III in Workplace Skills or Enterprise and New Business.  These qualifications can enable our students to take up positions within a variety of businesses, or further advance in TAFE later on.



Senior School

Download the subjects offered in Senior School here


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