Information Technology

In our Technologies Information Technology Learning area we introduce our students to a wide range of computer applications and activities.

In Years 7-10 our program covers many aspects of IT including: basic computer operations; word processing; spread sheets; typography; graphic design and game design. Assessment tasks are structured to allow students to think creatively and critically while learning practical skills. As the lower school courses progress so does the complexity of the tasks and the skill level required. For example in Year 10 students will be required to solve design problems through creative projects that utilise a range of applications. Topics such as computer hardware, web design, databases and web based game design are covered.


In Year 11 and 12 our students have the opportunity to access Applied Information Technology. This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to use a range of computer hardware and software to create, manipulate and communicate information in an effective, responsible and informed manner.    Students develop an understanding of computer systems; the management of data; and the use a variety of software applications to investigate, design, construct and evaluate digital products and digital solutions. The course offers pathways to further studies and a range of technology-based careers, and a set of skills that equip students for the 21st century and gives our students an appreciation of the impact of information technology on society.

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