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The Instrumental Music School Services, through the Department of Education and Training, offers the opportunity for selected students to undertake free instrumental tuition from Year 6 in local primary schoolsStudents who are accepted into the program in Year 6 in Primary school can automatically continue with the program in Year 7 at Halls Head College.

Some beginners may also be able to commence tuition in Year 7 or Year 8. Like the continuing students, these students will also become members of the Halls Head College Concert Band when the instrument teachers decide that they are ready.

School of Instrumental Music lessons are free. Students need to purchase their own instrument after their first year of playing, and they will also be asked to buy one or two music books and appropriate maintenance equipment (eg: valve oil, cleaning cloths) from the start. Instruments can be hired for the first year of tuition from the Department of Education (through the school) at a cost of $100. After this, an instrument must be purchased, borrowed, or rented privately.

Instruments which MAY be offered for beginners include:

Woodwind (flute, clarinet, saxophone), Brass (trumpet, trombone, euphonium or tuba), Percussion, Guitar/Bass.

There are limited beginner places available in the School of Instrumental Music Program and so a selection process occurs to ensure that the students are suitable for the instruments they choose, and are aware of the commitment they need to make. The selection process has 3 steps:

Successful result in the Indicator of Musical Aptitude (conducted early in Term 1);

Assessment of suitability for the nominated instrument/s (including such aspects as mouth shape and ability to keep rhythm). The instrumental teachers carry out these assessments;

Interview with parent and student to ensure a full understanding of the program requirements and benefits.


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