japan students

In Years 8-10 Our students who study Japanese experience a wide range of learning activities for to develop their language skills and cultural awareness. As our world is increasingly globalised, skills in a Asian language like Japanese and understanding of their cultural practices will be highly beneficial for students in a range of professions and projects in society. Through our language learning program, students will explore their potential to be a responsible and successful global citizen.

We host a group of Japanese students from Osaka in July in each year, which is a wonderful opportunity for our students to practise their language skills as well as build their friendship with the Japanese students.  We also undertake school trips to Japan for our students in accordance with travel permissions and student numbers.  This is an unforgettable experience that develops and refines skills in a range of areas and lives on in their memories for years to come.

In Years 11-12 Japanese is available as a General option for students to select.  This enables students to further their study of this unique culture and language and participate in a range of immersion activities designed to build awareness, appreciation and language acquisition.

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