In this Specialist Program students will study basic Noongar language relating to the 6 seasons, local Noongar plants and animals as well as some conversational language.  Additionally, students will learn about our local Noongar area and its rich ancient history and culture, participate in at least 1 Noongar cultural excursion or incursion as well as hands on learning activities, art and cooking. 

Koodah, Halls Head College Elder in Residence and Cultural Advisor, will share his extensive knowledge and wisdom of Noongar culture and history both in the classroom and our new Munda Boodja (bush block). 

The benefits of connecting to nature has been proven to improve mindfulness and wellbeing in our busy world of technology.  Students who undertake this course will feel more connected to our local area and its natural environment.

Currently, cultural awareness and understanding is a thriving interest in many industry sectors and this prepares students for future job options or career pathways.

Learning Noongar Language and Culture may be taken in both Semester 1 and Semester 2.

    Noongar Language Program Application (2021)



Halls Head College provides a unique opportunity for students gifted in languages to excel in a Japanese Language Program. It is available for students from Year 7 – 12. Students who are university bound can gain a 10% bonus if studying a foreign language and Asian Studies is a cross-curriculum requirement of the Australian Curriculum.

Our Japanese Language Program is unique in the quality it provides such as:

  • A Partnership school in Japan – Tomioka High School – we regularly host students from Japan who offer our students unique opportunities to hear and speak the language and learn from each other;

  • A bi-annual school trip to Japan – Every two years our senior students have the opportunity to visit Japan and further expand their grasp of the language and culture;

  • An Immersion and Enrichment program – After school opportunities are available for our students to develop a skill set but also, more importantly, to immerse themselves in the Japanese language – with primarily Japanese being spoken in these sessions.  This is available free of cost to our students;

  • Rigorous, engaging lessons that embrace modern technology;

  • Opportunities to work in partnership with primary schools to build links and enhance learning opportunities for our younger LOTE students.
    Japanese Language Program Application (2021)

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