In our Visual Arts Media Learning Area our students explore the use of the visual medium and develop scripting, film making and editing skills in order to manipulate film for effect. Additional aspects of Media covered throughout the course include: Animation; Stop motion; Claymation; Film making; Gaming; YouTube Movie compilation; DVD Film compilation; Posters; Music Video clips; Advertisements; Web Publishing; Make up and Wardrobe; Set Design and Digital Photography. Our students come away with a real and practical knowledge, and the skills to apply this knowledge, in today’s ever changing Media environment.

In Year 7-8 our students undertake a ten-week taster course where they develop skills in basic camera work, the use of storytelling with film, story boarding techniques, film analysis and the basic movie making and editing software students will use all through their time at the College.

In Year 9 students can elect to do a semester of Media where they explore more advanced applications and also have a look at movie making theory in Mechanics of Film Making and Film as Storytelling.

In Year 10 more advanced projects are undertaken and movie making competitions sometimes feature. Students also explore advertising in Australia, the changing face of media around the world and the concept of blogging (web logging). A film study is also included to enhance the students’ understanding of this art form.

In Year 11-12 Students can access a General Media course which includes film study, YouTube/Facebook studies, creation of magazine articles, DJ spiele creation and music video clips. Students use a variety of software and techniques to complete their work. The general course runs over two years.

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