In our Performing Arts Music Learning Area our students have a range of opportunities to develop solo or ensemble performance skills. Wherever possible we develop authentic opportunities and audiences for performances. This may include whole college production; WAGSMS, Music mash, IMSS concert series, YOH Fest or a showcase events both informal and formal. Music builds confidence, personal and social capabilities and critical and creative thinking.

We have a thriving instrumental programme run by School of Instrumental Music (IMSS), allowing us to offer additional woodwind, brass, guitar and percussion lessons to selected students. These students are also grouped together for class music and prepared for the advanced Year 11 and 12 Contemporary Music courses.

Halls Head College also has a choir which runs once a week. Any student of the college is able to participate. The College also has a concert band that rehearses once a week and aims to develop ensemble skills. 

In 2021 students with especial aptitude and interest in music can apply to be part of our Music Year 7 Academy program which offers extension opportunities in this domain.

In Year 7 & 8 our students engage in a ten-week long course. They study the fundamentals of rhythm culminating in working the different parts of the drum and creating their own rhythmical notation. They then study the instruments of the orchestra and delve into movie music, creating their own soundtrack for a movie using Garage Band. They also learn basic musical elements and start to learn keyboard skills.

In Year 9 -10 students can select music for one or both semesters. Their practical skills and theoretical knowledge is honed through keyboard and guitar performance and the study of contemporary styles of music. Students continue to build on their skills and knowledge of contemporary music. They start to compose their own music on their chosen instrument and complete performances in and out of school.

In Year 11 – 12 our students have the unique opportunity of enrolling in a Certificate II in Music. This course provides real world learning and access into tertiary pathways in music recording and live production. Students continue mastering their instruments, develop band and ensemble skills. The course exposes students to the workings of the music industry through live performance, sound mixing and recording.

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