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Students can install the education version of Microsoft Office for free.
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Please make use of some of the following apps, websites and resources which may assist in providing alternative learning opportunities for your child whilst at home.
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Academic Learning – Additional Resource Sites:

Learning at Home WA Dept of Education
Currently supporting learning from Years 1-10 – Years 11 and 12 resourcing to follow

Learning at Home -QLD Dept of Education
Supporting learning from K-10 for Maths and English (and Senior School curriculum which WA students can adapt to their learning), and K-6 for Science as well as great information to support wellbeing and a list of alternate online learning sites parents and students might like to access.

Learning at Home – NSW Dept of Education
Has some Year 11 and 12 resources – not directly relevant to Western Australian WACE – but students and choose relevant learning to support what they are studying.

Money Smart Teaching Resources
Free engaging curriculum aligned resources.

Life Skills Learning:

Critical and Creative Thinking, STEAM and STEM, Civics and Citizenship, Enterprise Learning, Sustainability

Cool Australia
Free online resources (Videos, Pictures, Factsheets, Research Articles & News)

Health and Wellbeing:

Asteroid Day
A unique opportunity to hear from Astronauts and other professionals who have trained to go through something similar to the isolation many of us may now be facing

Beyond Blue


Students with Special Educational Needs:

Dyslexia – SPELD Foundation
Assistance for students with dyslexia, dysgraphia/dyscalculia

Amaze Foundation Resources
For students with Autism

Australian Special Education Principals Association – Resources
For students with Disabilities


Primary School Education:

Studyladder is 100% Free during school hours (even if you are at home). Free parent setup available.

Teach Starter

Free 30 Day Account. Learning at Home Packs

Origo Stepping Stones Learn from Home Maths

Free, choose your year and follow the weekly program

Life Education

Resources for Parents & Online Modules

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