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Extension Opportunities:

In addition to the timetabled curriculum, Halls Head College provides an extensive extra –curricular calendar that covers all Arts Areas. Our students participate in school based, local and statewide events, performances and exhibitions. Students have access to highly skilled and passionate Arts staff who are engaged and experienced in their disciplines.

Opportunities for students from all year groups exist in the following Arts contexts:


The College has a vibrant Music sector including School of Instrumental Music [ S.I.M. ] tuition lessons and practical workshops. Combined schools’ workshops and performances for the all area S.I.M. students.

Choir opportunities for all interested students exist, including the chance to engage in school and community performances. Lunchtime Music concerts are a regular feature each calendar year. Music Students also participate in a range of whole school events such as playing at assemblies, in drama performances, at off-site events and for other schools.

Choir meets after school every Tuesday afternoon.

A college band also rehearses every Thursday afternoon and perform at school functions and for different audiences as opportunities present. This offers our SIM and instrumental students a chance to play as an ensemble group and refine and hone these skills.


This year the College will be showcasing the skills of our student community in its production of “Bye Bye Birdie” at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. The production involves a close collaboration between the areas of Drama, Music and Dance and Visual Art and should be great fun.

Performance dates are:

17th 18th 19th June 2020

The Arts Learning Area provides a variety of exciting extension programs and opportunities for students from all year groups. The College now boasts some of the best Arts facilities in the region, if not the state so students are well catered for in the Arts contexts of Dance, Media, Visual Art, Photography, Music and Drama.

Study in the Arts allows our students to develop skills and ideas that help them interpret the events in their lives and the world around them and gain an appreciation for their own and other cultures. The Arts curriculum assists students to build critical and creative thinking skills that are vital for a contemporary technology based society.

Considerable opportunities for student participation in extra-curricular arts events are made available throughout the school year including Arts Club workshops after school, various exhibitions and art competitions, arts performances and competitions and school productions. In addition to these the arts run a vibrant integrated enrichment program with artists in residence and extra-curricular opportunities for our students to engage in the arts in meaningful and exciting learning experiences.

New since 2020 in Year 7 and 9 was the establishment of the Art Academy.  This specialist group, accessed through application and portfolio, will be extended beyond the taster courses in the context of Arts contexts of Visual Art. This classes will allow students to extend their interests through photography and media, within the design process. that all students undertake so there is no change to their timetable. This new extension class will cater for students who have demonstrated a high level of interest and or ability in one or more of their arts contexts.

The overall aim of this program is to assist students to build skills and understandings; engaging in the Arts at a deeper level. It will also prepare them for future study in Visual and Digital Arts Pathways. This extension course will allow students to push themselves to build and test their skills. They will have the opportunity to participate in various Artist in Residence workshops.

We are looking to expand this programme into the Performing Arts Academy in 2021 and beyond.


In addition to year 7-12 dance classes students at Halls Head College have several exciting opportunities to develop and extend their skills and techniques by participating in a range of special programs and performances throughout the year.

Students are invited each year and are selected to be a part of the HHC Dance Club. The Dance Club meet after school once a week and form an integral part of the dance culture at our school. These students work hard throughout the year to prepare their competition piece for the statewide Youth On Health (YOH) Festival, each year at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.

The HHC Dance Club also perform in Dance Festivals and Choreography Nights at MANPAC.

To enrich their expertise and experience, a range of workshops are held throughout the year allowing the students to experience a range of dance styles and are given the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals, choreographers and dance experts who also visit the school as guest teachers.



Media students have a wide variety of opportunities to create and showcase their videos and clips for school promotions such as Media Nights and students are encouraged to submit work for media competitions such as short film festivals and media events. An afterschool Media Club will operate in 2020.


Visual Art

A range of opportunities exist outside of the normal timetable for Visual Arts students to push themselves to build on their skills and engage in a rich extra-curricular art calendar.

Participation in school, district and statewide exhibitions and competitions is encouraged and seen as an integral component of the learning program. Students from all years undertake a number of excursions.

To complement classroom learning an “Artist in Residence” program is maintained that includes classroom visits and workshops to allow students to have real and enriched experiences with professional in this area.
Please contact the Arts Team for more information about Extension opportunities for students at the College.

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