Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts Learning Area provides our students with real opportunities to develop an understanding and appreciation of the Arts, technical skills and personal and original ideas as they learn to express themselves through a variety of art media in both two and three dimensional formats in state of the art facilities. An extensive exhibition program both in school, locally and across the state exists and students are encouraged to enter their works in the numerous group and award exhibitions available.

The ability to problem-solve and adapt through both experimentation and research are increasingly seen as necessary life skills and these are integral to all course outcomes. Critical and creative thinking is privileged throughout. The value and appreciation of the arts in our own and other cultures is also integral to all courses with students learning historical backgrounds to prevailing arts movements and their own arts heritage. Students have the opportunity to work in the following studio areas: Drawing and Design Development, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Design, Ceramics, Practical Arts [ group, community or school based art projects], Graphic Design, Art theory and Appreciation.

Students with a special aptitude in this field may enquire about our Visual Arts Academy program which offers extension opportunities in this area. In 2022 this will be available in Years 7-9.

In Year 7-8 Visual Art our students are engaged in a ten-week taster course involving short experiential programs that consolidate and build on prior learning and allow students to access basic skills needed to go forward in their chosen areas of study. They develop skills in planning, drawing, design development of ideas and media experimentation and manipulation along with the concepts and theory of art. Courses are structured to assist students to extend their understanding of theory and develop technical skills and work to high standards.

In Year 9-10 our students have the opportunity to select courses of specialisation in either semester or year length courses.  They will further expand on their practical skills in a broader array of areas and learn a deeper understanding of the elements and design principles.

In Year 11 -12 our students can select Visual Art where they learn how to read/interpret artworks and develop critical analysis skills that assist them to make informed judgments about their work and that of others. This includes a great deal of practical work. Students are offered choice and begin to specialise in art mediums and topics of interest. Resident Artists and visits to Artists’ studios, and links to Central Institute of Technology, provide students with rewarding opportunities to expand their work and gain an understanding of contemporary arts practice and thinking.

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