Workplace Learning

Workplace Learning enables schools and industry to work together to provide opportunities for students to prepare for the workplace. Students can develop and demonstrate competence in the generic transferable employability skills via firsthand experience in real workplace environments.

Students must hold good standing and complete relevant inductions prior to commencing their work placement.

Each placement is monitored by Training Pathways and students need to allow 3-4 weeks to organise their work placement before they commence.

YEARS 10, 11 & 12 – Workplace Learning is an Authority-developed endorsed program. To complete this endorsed program, a student works in one or more paid or unpaid workplace/s to develop a set of transferable workplace skills.

  • An example of unpaid work would be School authorised work placement during school hours or community service.
  • An example of paid work would be a casual or part time job outside of school hours.
  • Either placement requires students to contact the Training Pathways office and complete appropriate documentation.

Students must record the number of hours completed and the tasks undertaken in the workplace in the Authority’s Workplace Learning Logbook. The student must also provide evidence of his/her knowledge and understanding of the workplace skills by completing the Authority’s Workplace Learning Skills Journal after each 55 hours completed in the workplace.

Students could earn up to 4 C grades unit equivalence in Senior school when they complete 220+hours of work placement and have evidence of this appropriately recorded in their logbooks and skills journals.

YEAR 7, 8 & 9 students are encouraged to plan their work experience in conjunction with Training Pathways staff and work experience processes.


ALCOA  – provide work placement opportunities in Semester 1 & 2 per year, for Year 10, 11 & 12 students –

DEFENCE FORCE  – Navy, Air force & Army  –

ENDORSED PROGRAMS – Each endorsed program consists of a series of lessons, classes and/or activities designed to lead to the achievement of a common goal or set of learning outcomes. Endorsed programs can be delivered as part of the school curriculum or as extra-curricular activities.

All endorsed programs successfully completed and reported to the Authority by the school are listed on the student’s Western Australian Statement of Student Achievement

  • may contribute towards the depth requirement of the WACE
  • may contribute towards the C grade requirement of the WACE.

Please see SCSA website for more information –

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